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Wheelchairs from the category for people who move independently and handcarts, due to their weight and size, no longer fit in the means of personal communication. The folding stroller has become very popular also because of

the possibility of placing it under the window without taking up space in the room.  A single or double cross brace is responsible for assembling the opposite parts of the frame. This operation begins with removing all removable elements

 armrests, footrests, headrest or seat. Lower the adjustable handles and release the brakes. Grabbing the seat from the backrest side and from the front side of the stroller, lift the stroller. It will fold itself.

Remember to protect previously disassembled parts from denting and scratching. Remove the wheel by pressing the quick-release fastener and secure it as well. The stroller is unfolded.

wheelie Light 3.jpg

The presented stroller, which stands out from the others, has a well-thought-out folding structure. The elements can be dismantled, but for what?  The designer planned that they can be wrapped  up and hidden between the side parts_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d_bad5cf58. The advantage of this solution is that all elements are always together with the stroller and do not fly separately, e.g. in the trunk. Please evaluate if this is not a good solution. The choice of whether to have everything separately or all together by the wall, I leave to you.

Weelie Light stroller.

Weelie Light1.jpg

Leaving the stroller for longer and during the journey, a good and proven solution is to grab the frame of the stroller with a leather strap and pull it towards you. This will make it stiffer. You will appreciate this solution when taking the stroller out of the car or room.

I cordially invite you to read the article,"Good for travel". Tips on transport trolleys  you will find here.

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