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Tester and interviewee wanted.

Dr.Wozekhas now undertaken the development of wheelchair solutions to improve comfort
i sposób poruszania się na nich.  Opracowanie jest częścią  większego  projektu  społecznego_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ associated  with grant. 
Projekt  "Poland available - availability to design".

The result of the work will be a dedicated application. My task is to collect information from wheelchair users.  This is not any specific information about the use of the wheelchair, but only about the comfort, maneuverability and expected improvements in the wheelchair. Everyone knows the answer
such questions if you are a wheelchair user.

If you would like to add your knowledge to the study, I cordially invite you. Such knowledge is not free. Together with the owner of the online store, at the stage of testing the application, he proposes vouchers (discount) for the online, in the amount of PLN 100 for each test performed. There will be several!


Who is he especially looking for?

  • Persons in a wheelchair with an attendant (optional), it cannot be an active wheelchair.

  • Age: 55+ 

  • Ability to use a computer by the respondent or the guardian. - to test the operation of the application.

  • People living in Katowice and its vicinity. (in-person meeting required later)

If you are interested, please write as soon as possible to: 

Don't forget to include your phone number so I can contact you. (in-person meeting required later)

We close the list after 20 people apply.

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