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Czy masz już wniosek NFZ

Check what code the doctor wrote on the application:


Basic trolley

Active wheelchair

Special trolley

Will the person for whom you want to buy a wheelchair move independently in a wheelchair?

czy sie porusza sama?

Does the person for whom you want to buy a wheelchair require constant care?

Czy wymaga ciągłej opieki
Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall
Czy ma porażenie?

Does the person for whom you want to buy a wheelchair have 3 or 4 limb paralysis?

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

The answer to which wheelchair will be the best is not a simple matter. When you go through our stroller selection algorithm, you will get a list of strollers that you should pay attention to.  However, you need to know about a few things, namely:

What conditions do you have to use a wheelchair at home?

How physically fit is the person for whom the wheelchair is selected

Are there comorbidities?

What is the plan for using the stroller outside the home? Tours or self-driving in a wheelchair?

What wheelchair will be best forpacking it in the car?

Which wheelchair will be the best also for an assisting person?

Is it planned to purchase an additional electric drive for the wheelchair in the future?

Problems with the position in the wheelchair

Are there any health attacks that prevent or limit sitting in a wheelchair, e.g. epilepsy, loss of consciousness, etc.

and other conditions that are important to you,even financial.

The more assumptions you make for your new wheelchair, the more carefully you will plan your conversation with the manufacturer's representative and you will not allow yourself to push unnecessary accessories or strange options.

Asking myself "What wheelchair to choose", I answer the one that will meet the requirements of the conscious needs and habits of the person sitting on it, as well as the assisting person and the family.

Watch the prices and equipment in the wheelchair standard. You can buy a more expensive stroller, but with equipment that you have to overpay for in a cheaper stroller. If you can give up something for the sake of the price - do it.

Lookall carts, or parameterize your expectations.

Which wheelchair to choose?  Comfortable for everyone who will use it directly or indirectly. 

We invite you to use the guide in its entirety. See also oursblogin which we broadly develop  topics of individual elements and needs.

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