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       Poniżej przedstawiamy zestawienie wszystkich opisanych wózków inwalidzkich w naszym serwisie. Sukcesywnie dodajemy nowe, ponieważ chcemy aby DR.WÓZEK prezentował wszystkie wózki inwalidzkie, jakie są dostępne w kraju i poza its borders. We also tried to set up filters that will help you select one or more trucks for specific requirements. We remain at your disposal should you have any questions. The offer of wheelchairs will be constantly expanded.

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Wheelchairs, due to their purpose and the number and types of disabilities, can be divided into several groups. For information, we only inform you that the division of bogies can be made, e.g.:  

By refund code (P 127, P129, P130 wheelchairs)

Adapted according to the type of disability.

Wheelchair for dependent people.

A wheelchair for people who move independently.

Sports wheelchair - a wheelchair with increased driving parameters: speed, maneuverability, durability.

Special wheelchair (wheelchair for people with severe disabilities)

For people resulting from the division into disease entities; For amputees, for neurological side paralysis or a wheelchair for people with flaccid or spastic paralysis.

Each time, the selection of a wheelchair must be consulted with a doctor, physiotherapist (if he is involved in the rehabilitation process), with a representative of the manufacturer, and with your own needs and capabilities.

Let's not be guided by fashion or the name of the manufacturer, but only by the dimensions and our specific needs.

If you do not know which stroller will be best for you, please visit the websitehow to choosewhere we will help and explain all your questions.

If there is no suitable stroller for your needs on our website - ask us a question, we will try to help.

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