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Can you get a cheaper stroller?

We do everything to avoid such situations. We do not want to talk to stroller manufacturers about discounts. This could affect the possibility of objectively describing the carts during tests. We want to be independent and objective.

Where are you from?

We live in Upper Silesia in different cities. We meet  when presenting or testing products and discussing more important matters. The latter is most often on-line.  Interestingly, poorly Gŏdōmy in Silesian.  Please contact us .

Does your company have a shop, can I make a purchase

Assuming DrWózek, we did not plan to start selling strollers. Our goal is _CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-136BAD5CF58D_ "Knowledge sale" for_CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-136BAD5CF58D_Rożyaters of the portal, wanting to buy a good wheelchair for themselves bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The trolleys presented by us are available from manufacturers' representatives and if necessary, we will contact you with the best in the industry. We want you to have a great compatible stroller

 with your expectations.CONTACT to us.

What do you get out of it?

There is a physiotherapist among us and he is the one who has the greatest satisfaction when the next person becomes independent and self-reliant. We describe test results and we try to make product descriptions appear on our website as soon as possible. Information for you is our priority.

Why are Stroller Descriptions so ordinary?

Thank you. We make sure that they are not as if they were written by an experienced marketer. We don't know who reads our texts on the other side and that's why we want them to be understandable for everyone.  We believe in the principle of simple and easy-to-understand communication transmission. If you would like to send a description of your stroller, please do not hesitate to contact usCONTACT.

Do you plan to make videos of stroller presentations?

We have such a plan. however, such videos already exist on the internet. We are looking for a new format for such production. DR WOZEK is another knowledge base

and videos about strollers too  should be interesting. Why don't we create a movie ranking of wheelchairs? We'll see

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