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Active strollers designed for people who value freedom and independence
in everyday life. cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Users of these wheelchairs meets health requirements_cc781905-54cde-3
lack of sense of balance disorders or generally good physical condition allowing for safe independent staying and driving in a wheelchair.
For the purposes of our project, we defined active carts as:

  • Existing carts on sale without unnecessary burdens affecting the weight, such as: Headrests, raised and foldable backrests, foldable footrests or armrests, tipping wheels or wide pneumatic front wheels.

  • The weight of the cart does not exceed 10 kg.

Wheelchairs from the limit NFZ P129, that do not fit into the above parameters, have been moved from the group of self-moving trolleys to the self-moving trolley .

More about active wheelchairs, independentc  here.

See our proposals.

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