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Ta kategoria prezentuje wózki inwalidzkie z których seniorzy korzystają tylko okazjonalnie i nie spędzają w many hours of them. They support them in everyday life or during convalescence after illness, injury or as a result of loss of strength. They are often used to transport them from place to place or as an option on a longer walk.

The cart should have several features and extras. Here they are:

  • Convenient to be led by a caregiver.

  • Comfortable to sit on-  Compulsory comfortable seat cushion.

  • Easy to get up for the user.

  • safe 

  • Additional elements, such as a ball holder.

VCKW9AC trolley  a stroller that fulfills most of the functions listed above.  It has a divided backrest and a comfortableanti-decubitus pillow. To increase safety, the wheelchair for seniors has been equipped with a double brake and anti-reversing wheels. The weight of the stroller is 16 kg.  The handling of the stroller is very good.  Our senior can also easily stand up and sit down 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_wheelchair.

Eclips X2.jpg

Pictured here cart fits very well
we wspomniane powyżej zestawienie wymaganych funkcji, potrzebnych dla osób starszych.  

Exlips X2 trolleyIt has basic equipment, however, it is a little lighter at 15 kg than its competitor above. An interesting solution is the folding backrest that allows you to ventilate the back and helps save space in the trunk during transport. 

Eclips X2 detail back 2.jpg

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