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Blumil GO test.

The Blumil Go extension is unfolded
Blumil GO attachment

I will describe how important this test was for me in the text below. I believe that this manufacturer of the attachment opens a new category for electric attachments on the global market. Interestingly, it is a Polish company offering a product at an affordable price.

What was it like up to this point?

  • We have attachments fastened at the front by the footrest tubes.

  • We have attachments fastened under the stroller using a special beam. See: Batec or Klaxon.

  • We have an attachment that pushes the stroller from the back. For example: Smoov or Tech life ZEN.

Blumil introduces a completely new standard for connecting to a set-top box. The clasp is electric (which is nothing new), but the place of grip and the way of lifting the front wheels in the stroller are completely innovative. You don't grab the tubes, but grab the lower beam between the wheels and grab the footrest.

Let's look at the basic parameters:

  • Weight: 13 kg

  • Range: 30 km

  • Battery: 280 Wh

  • Motor power: 300W

  • Number of forward gears: 3

  • Reverse gear: No

  • Wheel diameter: 8”

  • Maximum load: 120 kg

  • Speed: 7/16/25 km/h

  • Cruise control: No

  • Walking speed: No

  • LED lighting: Yes, 3 points

  • Sound signal: Bell

  • Steering Tilt Adjustment: No

  • Foldable: Yes

  • USB output: No

  • Length: 88 cm

  • Height: 92 cm

  • Width at the handlebar: 47 cm

Blumil Go steering wheel attachment
Blumil Go, top view of the steering wheel.

The 300 W motor on a small wheel is nothing new, but the maximum speed is interesting.


The attachment has a nice, slim look, which you may like, giving it a light feel. In fact, it is light, and after folding it can be easily placed behind the front seats in the car. The battery is secured with an anti-theft system, and once it is released, the attachment becomes even lighter.

The solution that fascinates me is the lighting and the way of fastening myself to the stroller.

The attachment grabs the footrest of the stroller, squeezing it with specially designed tongs, and using the frame based on the rear beam and a powerful actuator, the front of the stroller is lifted. See for yourself.

The ride itself is pleasant. There are three gears available, and the last one is really fast and makes a good impression while driving.

Blumil Go lighting
Blumil Go wheelchair attachment, front view

Is it strong?

A 300W motor is not super powerful. You won't be able to climb steep hills and inclines, but for quiet city driving, Blumil GO is perfect.

What makes it stand out?

Slim silhouette and lighting. Blumil Go has a stylish neon sign on the front of the attachment, which is very visible on the road. On the sides of the steering wheel, at the ends of the tubes, there are additional lights that change color from white to red when braking.

The fact that it is foldable is its big advantage. Check the dimensions after assembly:

Height: 50 cm, Length: 110 cm.

The brake is mechanical - just like in a bicycle, and you can brake with the engine.

As I learned from the manufacturer, the price of the attachment is included in the National Health Fund reimbursement with a 10% co-payment.

Check out other test videos.

A test of climbing a very steep hill. So far, only one attachment has managed it. The test was performed with my load of 103 kg.


In my opinion, this is an attachment for people who value its size so that it can be easily placed in the car or stored in the garage in winter on a shelf somewhere. Easy fastening is an unprecedented advantage of this attachment. Don't let the size of the front wheel fool you when it comes to driving speed. Blumil Go can drive really fast. Attachment for a certificate for air transport. The price is its advantage. More information on the manufacturer's website.

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