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We believe that the test of the wheelchair that you are interested before buying, is most desirable
i wskazany.  Z dofinansowania  NFZ lub PCPR możecie skorzystać raz na limited time  and we want your choices to be the best.  testing
and create a pram ranking on your own.

The matter is really simple. People who are determined to buy and test the stroller fill in the questionnaire (above) in which they mark what is important to them, provide information about the width of the frame, weight and height. We will deliver it directly to the manufacturer and he sends the stroller to you or to us. Most often, a representative of a given company will come to you and show you the selected stroller. 

By giving us the email address  and phone number, we open the contact path to you and in this way the best professionals in the industry will contact you.

We would like each of you to answer a simple survey or write an opinion if you feel like it. Survey below.

Describe your or rented stroller
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