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Tournament for the best active wheelchair.

DrWozek is the organizer of the tournament aimed at selecting the best active wheelchair in 2020. Voting will take place on the FB platform - drWozek and anyone who wants to vote for a given type of wheelchair designated for the tournament can vote.

Tournament rules:

The tournament is organized in a cup system. Every week, two wheelchairs will be entered into the competition, which will compete for Internet users' votes.

The cart with the most votes goes to the next round.

Each time the stroller that wins the competition will be enteredon the fitness test listwhich will be carried out by the team and presented inin the form of a video report from the tests.

Eliminations - quarter-final - semi-final - final,  are the next stages of the competition.

Each stage will be each time marked with an appropriate description in which part of the tournament it is located.

The list of trolleys for the tournament was prepared by independently, without pressure from manufacturers or distributors. The organizer allows another combination of wheelchairs suggested by Internet users, but they must be received by e-mail to the organizer 3 days before the announcement of the next stage of elimination.

The individual, subsequent stages of the tournament will always be announced every Thursday until the tournament ends and the winner is determined.


People taking part in the draw are asked to write comments about their choice. There are 3 prizes for the most technically accurate and valuable and functional uwag. Each time  we will inform about the prizes awarded on FB  and on the website 

The results of the individual stages of the tournament  will be provided in the Table below.

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