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The vast majority of strollers available on the market today are foldable. It is important not only when travelling, but also for convenient storage of the stroller at home.  Most often spotykanym The fold-down mechanism is 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ramie.  In order to fold the stroller, it is usually necessary to first remove the armrests, footrests, headrest or seat cushion. Grabbing the seat from the backrest side and from the front side of the stroller, lift the stroller. Will assemble on by yourself

Remove the rear wheels by pressing the quick-release fasteners on the outer part of the axle. Particular attention should be paid when removing the seat cushion and storing it elsewhere. It must not be bent or pressed on one side. (especially if it is gel) 

It is worth knowing that  krzyżak is not always the best solution. Its disadvantage is the reduction of the rigidity of the stroller and the increase in weight. Therefore, in ultra-light active strollers you can often find a rigid frame. However, this does not mean that such a stroller cannot be called foldable. In active strollers, the frame is so small that after removing the wheels, it can be easily transported. Please also visit the manufacturer's websiteKushall.It offers a folding stroller with the stiffness and weight of an active stroller and a different folding mechanism.

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As an example of a well-thought-out folding stroller, we consider Weelie Light stroller.

In this stroller, there is no need to disassemble individual elements. The designer made sure that they can be hidden between the side parts of the  frame. Thanks to this, all elements are always together with the trolley, nothing gets lost in transport.


Folding Frame  - active wheelchair.

If you plan to travel with the stroller or store it for a long time, we recommend connecting both sides of the frame with a strap. This makes it easier to carry and protects the stroller.

I also invite you to read the article,"Good for travel". Tips on transport trolleys  you will find here.

A list of strollers in the foldable category.

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