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When planning the purchase of a stroller, let's take a look at the activities and obstacles faced by a person going to work and spending 8 hours there.

These are:

  • Parking the car.

  • Ramp  - first obstacle.

  • Doors and thresholds in the doors max 2 cm, if larger, ramps on both sides.

  • Maneuvering the wheelchair at the desk, kitchen or toilet.

  • Stairs and elevator ride. 


You can read more about adapting the workplace to work in a

Słoneczny access, parking and removing the wheelchair from the car indicates that it must be a light or ultra-light wheelchair.

The thresholds tell us about the perfect balance of the stroller. Toilet and space requirements at desk indicates maneuverability and the smallest possible length of the wheelchair.

Suggests as long as it will be working at a desk in the office, buying one of the active andultralight strollerswhere the weight and maneuverability will be the car and not the load. 

It will be different if we work at home and we can afford other, additional criteria for choosing a wheelchair. Sometimes you need to combine several functions, e.g. high and reclining backrest or knee bend adjustment. The possibility of tilting or disassembling the armrests is also important, so that the wheelchair can be driven under the desk where we intend to work.

Let's not forget aboutanti-decubitus pillow. You will make the best selection of the stroller when you are aware of what you need and you will be advised by a physiotherapist and a representative of the manufacturer.

Below is a list of comfortable and practical prams .

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