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The first meeting is behind us. Do you want to read and see the reports?  Go to the website   


We are still working on the full material from the meeting. We will successively share it with you.

We invite you to sign up for the next meetings using the form below. Poznan, Warsaw and other cities are planned.

Submit your request 
Jaki typ przystawki chciałbyś/chciałabyś przetestować?
Na jakim etapie zakupu jesteś?

Thank you! We will contact you informing you about the date of the meeting in your city.

What are we planning?

The entire external area of the school has been made available to A large Orlik sports field, access paths, a large field for cross-country skiing, sanitary facilities and, in case of bad weather, a gym (knock on wood) and free parking.

We have planned agility tests - driving between cones.

Curb ride test

Off-road test

There will also be an acceleration test, small 15m races.

In a safe place, you can test over 15 electric starters from leading manufacturers, compare them and choose the best one. You're welcome.

We will also be visited by the constructor of the fast and very strong Trialk, who made a great impression on me during the presentation and testing. 

Participation in the tests is free, but we will ask some of you to express your opinion in the prepared survey. 

We already did this in 2020tests in Chorzów in November 2020and our testers rode an obstacle course, an uphill test,  or an off-road test. 
In order to plan the meeting well, we must ask you for a declaration of participation in advance.above.
We are waiting for the preparation of the tracks, securing the place, or obtaining all the approvals.  Please send your declaration of participation and by completing the survey by May 13, 2021. 


You can see the starters on our product cards. =link

And descriptions of previous tests have been posted on our blog. link

Address and directions.    google map -link

We are waiting for your contact.

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